Announce: Compressed Cache for 2.6.21

Nitin Gupta nitingupta.mail at
Fri Apr 27 14:09:21 EDT 2007

Hi All,

Project Home:

Compressed Cache patch for Linux 2.6.21 is released!

As usual, it contains various bug fixes and cleanups (see Changelog).
No new features are added! Stability First - Right? :-)

Following this release, we will be following Project Roadmap posted

There are also plans to start Roadmap Wiki soon!

* Testing Notes (tested on 32-bit x86 only):
- Config:
  Mem = 128M
  max_fs_backed_cc_size = 2560 (10M)
  max_anon_cc_size = 1280 (5M)

(see for
description of above params).

- Tests:
  Started Firefox (4 instances), konqueror (3), fillmem test (128M).
No Crashes - system remained responsive.

* Changelog: ccache for 2.6.18 vs 2.6.21

- Some changes due to new RCU locking used for page/swap cache.
- Bug fix: Bug caused NULL pointer errors in some conditions.
- Bug fix: Bug caused /proc/ccache_stats to report incorrect figures.
- Minor cleanups.

Please mail me/mailing list any bugs/issues you find.

PS: Git repository is now seriously outdated! Due to some
proxy/firewall/blah reasons, I am not able to access it. So, released
patches contain the Latest-and-Greatest(tm) stuff :-)


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