Bert Freudenberg bert at
Wed Apr 18 06:36:40 EDT 2007

On Apr 18, 2007, at 10:34 , Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

>> Which renderer do you have in mind? Anything that could do 1200x900
>> truecolor in CPU only?
> I didn't have a specific thing in mind, I was thinking about things  
> like
> the original Quake's renderer, which made a smart collection of
> tradeoffs and concessions to get the job done on things like a
> Pentium/90MHz. I don't imagine that would fit the specific needs,
> though, unless you're writing a low-tech FPS.  :)
> That being said, I would love to see some benchmarks on Pixomatic and
> SwiftShader for the OLPC hardware, since they can give a more  
> general 3D
>   state machine API (literally Direct3D in Swiftshader's case) that
> renders fast on an x86 CPU and no video hardware. Both have worked on
> Linux before (we shipped Pixo with UT2003/UT2004, SwiftShader is  
> part of
> Cedega).
> Pixomatic:
> SwiftShader:
> module=ContentExpress&file=index&func=display&ceid=8
> Anyhow, this is a long way of saying that I'm not really any help  
> here.

I'm actually in contact with the RAD folks for a while, and they'd  
like to help out OLPC in their spare time, but so far I couldn't  
convince OLPC to give a machine to them.

Another option that has been discussed is rendering at lower  
resolution and using the Geode's video scaler, which supposedly can  
do arbitrary scaling of RGB565 (see p. 388 of the LX data book). I'm  
not sure if this is exposed in X11, though, or if this is even  
feasible to use for a frame buffer (it reads like it might be for  
external video sources only).

- Bert -

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