Stupid Question: Who's in charge of the mesh network systems?

MBurns maburns at
Fri Apr 13 01:17:46 EDT 2007

On 4/12/07, Mike C. Fletcher <mcfletch at> wrote:
> We have a mesh networking specialist who is interested in working with
> the project.

Yay. :)

> One of his projects involves (as I understand it) analysis of pair-wise
> contact data to allow partitioned-network operations that use gathered
> motion pattern information to produce automated "sneaker net" effects.
> (If Billy goes to town every week with his Dad and no one else in the
> village goes to town, the network routes partitioned-network updates
> through Billy's computer). I believe that's a longer-term plan, btw.
> He's also interested in work with the mesh network controller, I believe
> to optimise it for power consumption via traffic shaping algorithms that
> reduce "active" state usage... if I understood that correctly, I
> *believe* that's the stuff he just finished working on.  I'm not sure
> what the current state of the mesh network solution is (i.e. whether
> it's already finished and locked down, or just starting up).
> Anyway, probably someone who does hardware/OS level hacking should be
> chatting with him to give him an idea of where the implementation is,
> what can be changed on what time frame, that kind of thing.

I would highly encourage him to join the OLPC-Networking mailing list.
That is the best way to really join the community and get involved,
either on a theoretical or practical level.

>From there, he can ask questions, propose ideas and get insight into
development on the mesh/networking end of things.

Doing a quick read through on the Networking pages on the wiki, to get
up to speed, is also a good idea.

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