Stupid Question: Who's in charge of the mesh network systems?

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Fri Apr 13 00:54:43 EDT 2007

We have a mesh networking specialist who is interested in working with 
the project.

One of his projects involves (as I understand it) analysis of pair-wise 
contact data to allow partitioned-network operations that use gathered 
motion pattern information to produce automated "sneaker net" effects.  
(If Billy goes to town every week with his Dad and no one else in the 
village goes to town, the network routes partitioned-network updates 
through Billy's computer). I believe that's a longer-term plan, btw.

He's also interested in work with the mesh network controller, I believe 
to optimise it for power consumption via traffic shaping algorithms that 
reduce "active" state usage... if I understood that correctly, I 
*believe* that's the stuff he just finished working on.  I'm not sure 
what the current state of the mesh network solution is (i.e. whether 
it's already finished and locked down, or just starting up).

Anyway, probably someone who does hardware/OS level hacking should be 
chatting with him to give him an idea of where the implementation is, 
what can be changed on what time frame, that kind of thing.

All of this hardware stuff gives me a headache :) ,

  Mike C. Fletcher
  Designer, VR Plumber, Coder

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