Problems embedding xulrunner

Frank Müller fm.linux at
Thu Apr 12 08:11:11 EDT 2007

I have a XUL based application I'd like to run on OLPC. The included
"Web activity" doesn't seem to do the trick (it doesn't handle
chrome:// URLs and there doesn't seem to be a way to point it at my
application.ini either), so I tried writing an activity that execs my
xulrunner binary (based on the rgbpaint activity). This does launch
xulrunner, but sugar covers the window with garbage. (launching the
same binary from the command line works perfectly on OLPC).

The next step was trying to implement something like -browserWindow
for xulrunner (I've attached the patch) - this actually gets run and
the window ID looks right, but again, sugar hides the window.

Is there any way to fix it (or even a way to launch a xul application
in the existing version of xulrunner)?

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