New stable build, 385/q2b87

Jim Gettys jg at
Sat Apr 7 17:01:34 EDT 2007

New Stable Build
Build 385 and firmware q2b87 form a new stable build. We do not
anticipate another stable build for approximately 3-6 weeks,
as we work on suspend and resume, power management, and the Geode LX

We should have a automated backup script before the next stable
build for backup of laptop contents to the school server we are working
on; in the meanwhile, note that backup is simple using the "rsync"
command included on the systems.

Please update your systems to this build. Key changes and improvements
   o A fix for a number of crashes in Sugar, which have been seen
occasionally became much more common in build 368 was finally traced
to a bug in the fontconfig library.
   o Updated library content.
   o Improved UI for selecting networks, and further bug fixes in the
network driver.
   o Fix for LiFePo battery problems. This is the last known battery
   o Many directories (e.g. /tmp, /var/log) are stored in a tmpfs file
system, for both performance and to avoid wear on the flash. Tmpfs'
default limit is half of RAM; it is now limited to 15% of the RAM in
your system, to keep runaway programs from causing out of memory
  o Sugar's memory of WEP wireless keys should be much improved.
  o Updated TamTam bundle: save and restore work properly
  o A new, improved calculator program from Reinier Heeres at Harvard.
  o Temporary workaround for presence service problem is in place.
  o Sufficient font aliases have been added for old X11 core fonts that
most applications not yet updated to the current X client-side font
model should work: specifically, the menus in Adobe Flash 9 for Linux
would crash the plug in and browser despite more than 4 years of
deployment of the new font system. Note that proper internationalization
is impossible using the old X Window System font system. We see use of
these fonts as a crutch that must be removed to meet OLPC's worldwide
mission. The "xset -fp /usr/share/fonts/dejavu-lgc" can be used to
remove these aliases.

Downloading of files and invoking the right helper application depending
on file type could not be completed by this build.

Please update your systems to new firmware and new Sugar environments.
The firmware fixes include fixes for both battery charging to fix a
battery overcharge problem, so it is particularly important to update
both the firmware and the Sugar environment.

Release notes are found here:

Both of the firmware and the NAND image will be updated by using the
procedure found here:

Additionally, you can find the first content from the OLPC Library.    has links to online content     has related information. has release notes.

Please see the attached announcement of the previous stable build for
additional information.
Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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