Preferred end user 3rd party app installation method

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Mon Apr 2 15:47:27 EDT 2007

A few application installation questions as I'm not clear how much
of the documentation in the wiki actually works at the moment and
how much is intended to work:
How does an end user install third party written C based applications
today? (i.e. is there a GUI/device insertion triggered method or do you
have to do it from a shell?) 
If, for example, we have an application on a USB memory key and we 
would like it to auto install when the key is inserted or better still (for 
our application) run from directly from the key, is there a mechanism 
to do this?
To actually get the application to show up in Sugar do we have to
wrap the application with an activity which contains a python
bundle referenced by something like 'class=MyCAppBootstrap' that then
bootstraps the C app or can we reference the application directly using
'class=MyCApp' or perhaps 'exec=MyCApp'?
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