Demo Presentation Now Up and Running

Mon Apr 2 13:01:28 EDT 2007

  When you say letters are missing, do you mean from the sides or foot of the screen?  I mean as though the page itself is 'too large for the screen'?  Or what?
  And will it go to the second and subseqent pages?
  Any road, you see what I mean; flaming Windows (etc) interferes with the basic running of non-Windows programs !
  Bet it doesn't happen under :Linux and/or SUGAR . . . ?!
  (And it ceratainly doesn't happen in Illumination)

ron minnich <rminnich at> wrote:
  On 4/2/07, MARTIN WOODHOUSE wrote:
> Hi ron
> Do you mean when the demo itself is running? 'Cos it's in (pseudo) DOS by
> then, I think, even under Serif (black launching screen and all that).
> Mind you, I've alreayd said that Windows itself interferes with DOS, so I'm
> not too surprised . . .

no, this is just the front web page, viewed from firefox on linux.



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