[olpc-help] Olpc XO screen showing green dots on dark colours.

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Tue May 31 19:44:45 EDT 2011

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> Hi, as the subject says, our XO is having this problem. But when the same
> part of the LCD has a lighter colour, it looks perfect. One thread I read on
> a forum somewhere was talking about dead or stuck-on pixels, however I doubt
> this is the problem since it works fine with light colours. Though, maybe
> the pixel get's stuck on when dark colours are on screen then returns to
> normal with light colours?
> The thread said to wrap a towel around a finger and gently massage the
> screen to fix the dead/stuck-on pixels, will this actually help?

Individual 'stuck pixels' can sometimes be massaged back to life.  If
you think this is what you have, a gentle massage may work.  I had
this problem with two of my XO's and both were massaged back to full

If that fails, you may be able to purchase replacement parts from

OLPC also maintains a page on their wiki at:


which may point to a location near you.

Best of luck. Write back and let us know how things turned-out.
Steve Holton
sph0lt0n at gmail.com

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