[olpc-help] Low Battery Shutdown although full battery (problem)

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Mon Mar 3 00:07:21 EST 2008

Emanuel VonAnkh wrote:

> The "fload" statement should read:
> fload n:\boot\batman.fth' <enter>
> (with an "n" for NAND memory and NOT "u" for USB...)

You can fload from any device supported by open firmware.  Nand, USB, 
SD. I bet http: would work if you set up network but I've not tried it.

> Also, what is "RMA"? Where and how do you do that?
> (I assume you mean returning the battery/olpc for a replacement?)
> Do I need to send back the entire laptop or just the battery?

Yes. RMA == Return Material Authorization.  You contact donor services 
and ship the laptop back.  The only facility for returns is the entire XO.

> That would be another problem as I am located outside of the US.

Then you would need to ship the laptop to the person in the US who made 
the initial donation and they would do the RMA.

> the problem is just concerning replacement of a part I'd rather
> attempt that on my own, rather than having to wait a month or more for
> a replacement. What is the actual problem?
> In the battery or laptop or both?

The problem is in the batteries.  On the batteries I've analyzed the 
charge voltage curve is much too steep.  Its crosses the upper cutoff 
and the circuitry in the battery disconnects the cells from the charge 

I have a small collection of batteries from RMAs that I am sending back 
to the mfg for detailed analysis.

Richard Smith  <richard at laptop.org>
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