[olpc-help] Laptop Trouble

Amber Moffatt amber.cp at onemail.com
Mon Jun 30 11:01:26 EDT 2008

Good Morning,

In December 2007 I bought a laptop for my daughter.  She is just  
getting old enough to use it, so we are just starting to try to work  
with it.   We are having no luck.  It has always been extremely slow  
opening the activities, but now we are unable to open the activities  
at all.  The icons just keep blinking as if they are in the process of  
opening, but never open.  We are also unable to get on the internet.   
I know there are some new builds available, but being unable to open  
anything or access the internet does not give me any options.  Please  

Thank you,
Amber Moffatt

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