[olpc-help] keyboard unresponsive when XO suspended for a few hours

Bruce MacLennan mclennan at cs.utk.edu
Thu Jun 19 20:28:42 EDT 2008

I have had the following problem twice since upgrading to Build 703 a few
days ago:

I close the XO's lid and it apparently suspends.  When I open it a few
hours later the screen turns on normally, with the Sugar display, but the
keyboard and trackpad are unresponsive. I can't move the cursor, and
ctrl-alt-Group etc. have no effect.  I can't restart Sugar with
ctrl-alt-erase.  In fact the only way I have found to get it going again
is to power cycle it.

The first time this happened the XO was suspended, but plugged into the
AC, for about 24 hrs.  I think it was unplugged for a couple minutes while
I moved from one room to another.  The second time it was not plugged in
while it was suspended for a few hours; it was fully charged when I closed
the lid and still had 76% charge after I restarted it by power-cycling.

Lots of other times the suspend/resume has worked just fine.

This seems to be a bug in the power management, but I don't know if anyone
else has seen it or if it has been reported.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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