[olpc-help] RTC Battery

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Wed Jun 4 15:54:54 EDT 2008

Caryl Bigenho wrote:

> I have hunted all over the wiki and forum for instructions for 
> de-bricking.  I noticed you posted a good set on the OLPC forum back in 
> Feb or so. That is why I am asking you...


> 1) Where on the wiki or anywhere else is there a picture of the RTC 
> battery or a schematic showing exactly where it is located?

Dunno.  Mel and SJ did something like this.  There was talk of doing 
some sort of image map but I don't know if its up on the wiki.

> 2) Where can I find a serial/USB adaptor that I will need to complete 
> the repair? I thought I had one that would work, but after seeing the 
> ones on the wiki, mine looks nothing like those! 

The official one is custom and you have to get it from us and we have a 
a limited supply.  I'm got it on my list to get one added to stock 
repair kit.


But any 3.3V TTL to rs232/USB will work.

> 3) Did I read that this can be done by soldering instead?  That might be 
> easier than trying to find the right kind of adaptor.

Sure if you remove the SPI flash and solder on a new one or pop it in a 
programmer and re-program it with firmware that does not page fault on 
bad RTC data.  You need to be familiar with SMT rework and have the 
proper tools.

Richard Smith  <richard at laptop.org>
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