[olpc-help] Updated batman.fth to reset battery level.

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Thu Jan 10 00:14:08 EST 2008

Here's my first attempt at resetting the battery level for batteries 
that are incorrectly marked as full when they aren't.  I'm sure I'll 
still need to tweak on this a bit.

Usage Instructions.

Required itmes:
a) Developer key
b) USB keyboard

1) Get a developer key.  To use bat man you must have a developer key 
and a laptop with firmware security disabled.

see here


2) Download batman.fth from here: 
or use the copy attached to this message.

3) Put it on a usb disk in the top level directly (ie. /)

4) Plug up the USB keyboard, and USB disk (with batman.fth) to the XO 
and then plug up external power.

5) Power up the XO.  When you see "Type the Esc key to interrupt 
automatic startup" and a countdown please do as it says.  Type the Esc 
key before the countdown finishes.

6) At the 'ok' prompt type 'p2' <enter>  This will probe for usb devices 
and should find your USB disk.  You should see a line that ends in '/disk'.

7) Now at 'ok' type 'fload u:\batman.fth' <enter>  Now batman.fth is loaded

8) type '1w-init' <enter>  Now you XO keyboard, mouse and all external 
buttons (including the power) are disabled because the EC is in reset. 
Only the USB keyboard works.

9) Dump out a copy of your EEPROM with the 'bat-save' command at 'ok' 
type 'bat-save' <enter>  Now a file called /battery.dmp exists on the 
USB key.

10) Finally Type 'bat-set-low' <enter>

11) remove External power and the battery.
12) Boot on exteral power ONLY. NO battery.
13) Boot up to Sugar and start a terminal session.
14) Become root in the terminal with 'su -' <enter>
15) run 'olpc-logbat' Ignore the errors because there is not a battery
16) insert the battery back into the XO
17) Let the XO charge back up until the battery light is green.
18) Unplug the XO from external power and let it run till it dies.
19) Attach your battery.dmp file from the USB disk and the 
log-<nickname>-<date>.csv file to your rt ticket.  The olpc-logbat log 
file is stored in the direcory you were in when you ran the utility. 
That should have been /root


Richard Smith  <richard at laptop.org>
One Laptop Per Child
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