[olpc-help] Alternate external power adapters

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Thu Dec 18 10:46:29 EST 2008

In the early days of G1G1 many people expressed frustration with the odd 
combination of barrel/pin size used in the 12V Ext power adapter.  The 
availability of this connector on the market is minimal.

I'm happy to report that this will hopefully begin to change.  Both the 
ASUS Eee (900A) and the ACER Aspire 0ne (AOA 150) external power 
adapters fit the XO and they both "Work For Me".

The Aspire output voltage is 19V which is in the "might not work" zone 
for the the XO.  The Max input voltage of the XO is 18V.  Above 18V the 
protection circuitry can kick in.  The exact voltage is dependent of on 
variance of the Zener diode in the protection circuit.  You won't damage 
anything with higher voltages (until you get to say 30V or higher) but 
the internal DC/DC switcher won't turn on.

I hope this info helps people looking for alternate adapters.

Richard Smith  <richard at laptop.org>
One Laptop Per Child

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