[olpc-help] Wireless Access Point - Help!

Kim Quirk kim at laptop.org
Sun Dec 30 09:53:03 EST 2007

If you can't get it to work with 653, then this is likely to be a true
incompatibility. It would be good for you to post on various forums and
mailing lists to see if anyone else has this AP and have been able to
connect. Also, if no one has gotten it to work we would like to get the
exact make and model number to try and get it in  house and do some

Thanks for your help!

On Dec 30, 2007 12:30 AM, <bluerover94-olpc at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Ok.
> I tried the Wpa.sh method and all of the various
> work-arounds and tweaks I've found here and on the
> wiki. Bottom line - I consistently got an inconsistent
> response.
> I am now in the process of a 653 build activated
> upgrade.
> I think part of the problem may be the 2wire DSL
> box/router. I say this because of what I have observed
> en route to my ultimate goal. I want to have my
> Macbook, Dell XP laptop, and two XO's all running on
> the same wireless network. In debugging this I have
> been changing the settings on the router. There are
> certain settings that will work with the Macbook that
> no matter what I do to the XP laptop won't work [for
> example the router has a setting that claims it will
> run WPA1 and WPA2 simultaneously, or WEP Open which,
> if given the right length password the help file
> claims will encrypt].
> Bottom line - I've been burning the midnight oil on
> these XO's for 5 nights now with no luck. The effects
> of sleep deprivation are setting in...
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