[olpc-community-support] Jumpy mouse problem

Anonymous community-support at lists.laptop.org
Fri Dec 21 00:35:54 EST 2007

phigan wrote:
> soffen wrote:
> > After that the mouse behaved normally for a while, but then started jumping around again without my touching the trackpad.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Any suggestions about how to solve it?
> I had this problem myself with the first build that I originally had on my XO. Have you tried updating to build 653? In terminal, type 'cat /boot/olpc_build'. If it says 650, do this as root (to be root, type 'su -' without the quotes): olpc-update -r -f ship.2-653
> If the update is successful, it should reboot the laptop on its own. If not, it'll try again.
> Thanks,
> - Joe

Joe, your instructions were perfect.  It loaded build 653 and rebooted 
just as you said.  After rebooting, the mouse problem has not recurred.
Let's hope this does it.  I'll keep this forum posted if the problem comes

Thanks again.javascript:emoticon(':D')

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