[olpc-community-support] How does our chatroom work?

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You have to use bbcode mburns. 
mburns wrote:
> mburns"]NOTE: The IRC link at the top of the forum will not connect you directly to OLPC volunteers to answer your questions!
> Our chatroom uses <a href="http://wikipedia.org/go/Internet_Relay_Chat">IRC</a> to communicate. It connects to the <a href="
> http://www.freenode.net/">Freenode</a> public IRC network. You should be automatically joined to the #OLPC-Help channel, or c
> hatroom. The users on IRC are from all parts of the world, and discussion on most every topic is taking place somewhere.
> <h4>Commands</h4>
> You can enter commands to the chat program to interact with it. To say a command, begin your message with a forward slash /. 
> To join a channel (think: chatroom) named #OLPC, type:<b>/join #OLPC</b>. To set your name, type: <b>/nick NAME</b>.
> <h4>IRC Channels</h4>
> In IRC, group chatrooms are called channels and begin with the hash symbol: #. Some useful channels to you are:
> <ul>
> <li>#OLPC - One Laptop Per Child discussion and development center</li>
> <li>#Sugar - Sugar (the OLPC user interface software) development and support</li>
> <li>#OLPC-Content - Library and Content coordination</li>
> <li>#OLPC-Pootle - OLPC Localization and Internationalization effort</li>
> <li>#OLPC-Help - The community support group for One Laptop Per Child and G1G1</li>
> </body>

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