#8993 LOW Future : Maze-6, Build 8.2-767 rotate not displaying correctly

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#8993: Maze-6, Build 8.2-767 rotate not displaying correctly
            Reporter:  tabitha         |          Owner:  godiard
                Type:  defect          |         Status:  closed
            Priority:  low             |      Milestone:  Future Release
           Component:  other-activity  |        Version:  not specified
          Resolution:  fixed           |       Keywords:  maze cjbfor9.1.0
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Deployments affected:                  |  Action Needed:  diagnose
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Comment (by Quozl):

 Replying to [comment:7 Quozl]:
 >  * if some laptops are rotated and others not, a different maze may be
 shown, and illegal moves can occur,

 Problem was caused by new maze on resize not being sent to group.  Fixed
 by [https://github.com/godiard/maze-
 activity/commit/ee254f0a32d7d1503f3b920e1863fc6f269fe65e ee254f0],

 > Regenerate on rotate
 > When one laptop in a group rotates or resizes the screen, they may begin
 playing with a different maze to the rest of the group.
 > Now, when a resize event occurs, the new maze will be sent to the group
 as if it was selected using easier and harder buttons.  On unrotated
 laptops, the new maze is obviously 90 degrees out of aspect ratio.
 > When others in the group rotate to catch up, a new maze will be
 generated each time.
 > Collaboration between mixed laptops is possible; aspect ratio and
 rotation are now longer an essential feature for good collaboration.

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