#8993 LOW Future : Maze-6, Build 8.2-767 rotate not displaying correctly

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Fri May 27 00:22:12 EDT 2016

#8993: Maze-6, Build 8.2-767 rotate not displaying correctly
            Reporter:  tabitha         |          Owner:  godiard
                Type:  defect          |         Status:  closed
            Priority:  low             |      Milestone:  Future Release
           Component:  other-activity  |        Version:  not specified
          Resolution:  fixed           |       Keywords:  maze cjbfor9.1.0
          Blocked By:                  |       Blocking:
Deployments affected:                  |  Action Needed:  diagnose
            Verified:  0               |
Changes (by Quozl):

 * status:  new => closed
 * resolution:   => fixed


 Maze-26 testing
 * does reset the maze on rotation; but
  * players are moved to starting position,
  * collaborating other player will disappear, and reappear near old
 position once they move,
  * if some laptops are rotated and others not, a different maze may be
 shown, and illegal moves can occur,
  * (probably needs fixing for XO-4 and earlier.)

 * does work okay once rotated; because the aspect ratio of the maze is
  * (an improvement since this ticket was raised.)

 * does remap the touchpad (courtesy of olpc-kbdshim),

 * does remap the touchscreen (courtesy of olpc-kbdshim),

 * does not remap the twelve control keys.
  * (probably good enough; no other activity handles rotation by remapping
 control keys, so at this stage Maze would stand out if it did so; people
 are quite used to it now.)

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