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#12472: runin enhancements
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 we should to clean up runin to make it a little easier to use.

 every runin-foo should honor a no-foo suppression file.  some tests don't
 have such a file, in some the names don't match (e.g., no-wireless vs.
 runin-wlan), and in some the name is sort of unrelated (e.g., runin-
 bluetooth looks at no-wireless)

 there should be a global "pause" control, which would cause tests to stop
 looping.  this would let script adjustments be made, logs examined, etc.,
 before removing the pause file to continue.  richard would like it if this
 totally quiesced the system, which implies not polling for the deletion of
 the pause file -- maybe we could use inotify instead, but i think that
 might be a separate enhancement.  (we had cases on 1.5 where a totally
 idle system had specific behavior problems.)

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