#12654 HIGH Not Tri: Unexpected IP address change

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#12654: Unexpected IP address change
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 When trying to do wake on LAN testing of XO-4 laptops (with 8787 wireless
 cards, i.e. the mwifiex driver) using os3, I cannot get them to operate
 for more than a few hours.   Unlike other laptops connected to the DHCP
 server, they change their address every few hours.

 This is 100% repeatable when using the following test procedure: 1)
 Install os3.  2) Boot into os3, and "touch /etc/powerd/flags/inhibit-
 suspend".  3) Associate the laptop with an open AP.  4) Determine the IP

 From another laptop, start this script running (as root):

  while sleep 30 ; do date -u && ping -c 20 -i 0.01 <ip_address> ; done

 Run the following on the test laptop:

  ethtool -s eth0 wol u && while date && rtcwake -m mem -s 60 && date &&
 sleep 12 ; do : ; done

 Pinning the ARP table on the pinging laptop (using arp -s <ip_address>
 <mac_address>) doesn't have any effect on the problem, as it is the actual
 IP address on the test laptop which is changing.  Network Manager is
 running during this test.

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