#12105 LOW Not Tri: OFW debugger renders ok prompt in the wrong place

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Thu Sep 27 17:20:40 EDT 2012

#12105: OFW debugger renders ok prompt in the wrong place
           Reporter:  dsd                  |       Owner:  wmb at firmworks.com
               Type:  defect               |      Status:  closed           
           Priority:  low                  |   Milestone:  Not Triaged      
          Component:  ofw - open firmware  |     Version:  not specified    
         Resolution:  fixed                |    Keywords:                   
        Next_action:  add to release       |    Verified:  0                
Deployment_affected:                       |   Blockedby:                   
           Blocking:                       |  
Changes (by wmb at firmworks.com):

  * status:  assigned => closed
  * next_action:  never set => add to release
  * resolution:  => fixed


 Fixed by svn 3341.  In addition to the trigger cited (multiple uses of
 'f'), another trigger condition, now fixed, was to say

   ok debug foo  resume

 where foo is something in the call chain of the current word.

 Redisplay is now more aggressive, handling all of the problem cases that
 have been reported.

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