#12106 LOW Not Tri: initramfs sometimes inflated, sometimes not

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#12106: initramfs sometimes inflated, sometimes not
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 I'm simulating the secure boot path with:

 false to require-signatures?
 " \boot"   pn-buf place
 " int:" load-from-list drop

 I have found a difference between signed boot and unsigned boot and I'm
 not sure if its intentional, regarding decompression of the ramdisk.

 In the unsigned path, $load-ramdisk calls boot-read, which calls (boot-
 read) and then ?inflate-loaded

 In the secure path, bundle-present? calls (boot-read) directly and doesn't
 seem to inflate the ramdisk anywhere.

 This can be seen by debugging linux-place-ramdisk and comparing the input
 parameters passed to that word. In the unsecure path, the len parameter is
 much bigger than the size of the on-disk ramdisk, whereas in the secure
 path the length matches the on-disk filesize exactly.

 I haven't checked if the kernel handling path is more consistent.

 XO-1.75, Q4D21.

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