#11608 HIGH Future : Include iwmmxt2-optimized pixman

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#11608: Include iwmmxt2-optimized pixman
           Reporter:  martin.langhoff  |       Owner:  jnettlet      
               Type:  task             |      Status:  new           
           Priority:  high             |   Milestone:  Future Release
          Component:  x window system  |     Version:  not specified 
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Comment(by dsd):

 When compiling busybox (by hand) inside mock f18 root with gcc-4.8 and
 glibc compiled with -march=iwmmxt2, I frequently see these errors:

 rm: error while loading shared libraries: cannot create capability list:
 Cannot allocate memory

 When it happens, running "make" again (i.e. retrying the command) tends to
 avoid the issue. Need to double check that these errors are directly
 introduced due to the iwmmxt2-enabled glibc.

 Compiling busybox with -march=iwmmxt2 in this environment results in a
 binary that fails to run with:
 error while loading shared libraries: unexpected reloc type 0x1c
 Need to verify if that failure is caused by the -march=iwmmxt2 flag or

 busybox config used: http://dev.laptop.org/~dsd/20120922/busybox-config

 iwmmxt2-enabled glibc:

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