#12098 NORM Not Tri: initrd generation not run at kernel rpm build time

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#12098: initrd generation not run at kernel rpm build time
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 To reduce FS footprint on the final OS image, we are building the initrd
 with dracut at kernel rpm build time. This has a number of problems

  * It tightly couples the kernel rpm build environment with the target
 platform. dracut-* versions, udev rules, wlan firmware, etc must be
 tightly controlled _on the build host_.
  * This means that builders cannot safely build for more than one target
  * This clashes with our shortage of kernel builders.

 The main benefit of the current setup is reduced FS footprint. We can
 revert to building the initrd in OOB, study the additional RPMs included,
 and add a preimage script to remove them.

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