#12085 NORM 13.1.0: Time/date sync on unsecured laptops

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#12085: Time/date sync on unsecured laptops
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Changes (by dsd):

  * owner:  pbrobinson => cscott


 Thanks for bringing this up. Indeed, this was dropped earlier due to
 concerns about the security system. It could certainly go back when turned
 off by default and/or only affecting unsecured laptops.

 But if you're proposing this for 13.1.0 it needs someone to do the work -
 I think you are the most likely candidate for this (it won't be me or
 Peter). Looks like the tasks you mention are:
  # Figure out ntpdate vs hwclock situation, update script accordingly
  # Update script for not running by default and/or not running on secured
  # Check XS setup for 'time' hostname availability
  # Check olpc.pool.ntp.org
  # Test the new script

 If you post a script here as above, I can put it in olpc-utils and add the
 ntpdate package back to the build.

 I think Chrony is not interesting since the proposal is to add ntpdate,
 not ntp (right?), and chrony doesn't seem to provide a ntpdate equivalent.

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