#12085 NORM 13.1.0: Time/date sync on unsecured laptops

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#12085: Time/date sync on unsecured laptops
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 In bug 3359, we added code to have laptops sync with ntpdate when they
 connected to the internet.  That code has regressed at some time since
 then; currently Sugar users have no way to set the time and date on their
 machines without resorting to a root commandline.

 There is a separate bug for adding date/time setting to the Sugar control
 panel.  This bug is just for restoring the automatic date-setting-via-ntp
 so that connected users need not worry about having the correct time.

 is the patch which originally fixed bug 3359.  I believe this
 NetworkManager dispatcher.d script would still work, although some
 deployments wish to suppress automatic time/date settings on unsecured
 laptop.  Another line could be added to the script looking at
 manufacturing tags to implement this restriction.  The ntpdate package
 also needs to be re-added to the builds.  We also probably need to add a
 line to sync the hardware clock (using hwclock) after ntpdate runs, if
 ntpdate itself has not already been patched to do so (see
 (jnettlet suggests using this systemd service: http://fpaste.org/hnvN/ )

 The original script tried to sync with 'time', which was a local DNS
 address advertised by the schoolserver before falling back to the fedora
 pool.  Two changes are possible here: 1) does the schoolserver still
 advertise 'time'? 2) we could use olpc.pool.ntp.org instead of using
 fedora's pool.

 Cerlyn suggests using Chrony instead of ntp:

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