#11763 LOW Future : gcc segfaults a lot on XO-1.75 12.1.0

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Thu Oct 25 13:12:30 EDT 2012

#11763: gcc segfaults a lot on XO-1.75 12.1.0
           Reporter:  carrott    |       Owner:  dsd           
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           Priority:  low        |   Milestone:  Future Release
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Changes (by dsd):

 * cc: jnettlet (added)


 The llvm test case at least produces out-of-memory errors (visible in
 'dmesg') which often (but not always) coincide with this kind of failure.
 So, when we see this again, we must check for that kind of condition.

 At the moment the Marvell correspondance is waiting on a more simplistic
 test case reproducable on XO-1.75. I haven't managed to run into the
 failure again when I put a bit of time into compiling various things :/
 but what would be ideal is to have a preprocessor output that crashes the
 compiler (might need to compile it repeatedly to see the problem).

 I have also managed to reproduce this on XO-4, compiling pixman-0.26.2
 with "make V=1" on gcc-4.8. (doesn't seem to reproduce on gcc-4.7 or
 without V=1...). However Marvell require a XO-1.75 test case at this

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