#12217 HIGH Not Tri: XO-4 B1 EC crash

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Fri Oct 19 02:37:38 EDT 2012

#12217: XO-4 B1 EC crash
 Reporter:  wad                     |                 Owner:  rsmith     
     Type:  defect                  |                Status:  new        
 Priority:  high                    |             Milestone:  Not Triaged
Component:  embedded controller     |               Version:  4-B1       
 Keywords:  XO-4, EC, battery icon  |           Next_action:  reproduce  
 Verified:  0                       |   Deployment_affected:             
Blockedby:                          |              Blocking:             
 An XO-4 B1, SHC2380006B, was running Q7B03 and EC firmware 2.02.
 It had been booted into Sugar and allowed to sit for 24 hours, connected
 to DC power.

 It was noticed that there was no battery icon in the frame.  Nor was it
 possible to reboot the laptop by holding down the power button.

 Looking at the Linux console, there were lots of messages along the lines

  EC cmd error: Timeout in state 1

 Looking at the EC console, nothing was printed when return was typed, nor
 when b3 was typed, nor when external power was removed and reapplied.

 It ran fine after all power to the EC was removed.

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