#12212 NORM Not Tri: Touch does not work as it's expected

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#12212: Touch does not work as it's expected
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Comment(by godiard):

 The problem is the following:

 Gtk receives a event type <enum GDK_MOTION_NOTIFY of type GdkEventType>
 before receiving the <enum GDK_TOUCH_BEGIN of type GdkEventType>

 In the xo-1.75 these two events have the same sequence, but in the xo-4
 the MOTION_NOTIFY event have the sequence in None.

 In a way, the script abuse the use of the sequence, probably should not be
 expected use the sequence in the MOTION_NOTIFY event.

 A modified script is attached. In this case decided ignore the event if
 sequence is None,
 other option is ignore the MOTION_NOTIFY events at all.

 Humitos, the next time, use the log and do a deeper research.

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