#12212 NORM Not Tri: Touch does not work as it's expected

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#12212: Touch does not work as it's expected
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 '''Steps to reproduce it'''

  1. Download the script attached
  1. Go to the Terminal
  1. Run it
 python touch_test.py

  * '''Touch with ONE finger''': it seems like two touches are done. One
 circle gets frozen and the other one it's moved around the screen with our

  * '''Touch with TWO fingers''': three circles are drawn and you can move
 two of them with your fingers.

  * '''Touch with TWO fingers and move them for a while''': three circles
 are drawn but after a while the circles are drawn in different positions
 from your fingers.

 See attached images.

 ''COMMENT: All of these test where done in XO 1.75 and it behaves


 XO-4, 13.1.0, os7

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