#12181 NORM 4-firmw: Secure boot fails to load initramfs on XO-4

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Fri Oct 12 19:03:54 EDT 2012

#12181: Secure boot fails to load initramfs on XO-4
 Reporter:  dsd                  |                 Owner:  wmb at firmworks.com
     Type:  defect               |                Status:  new              
 Priority:  normal               |             Milestone:  4-firmware       
Component:  ofw - open firmware  |               Version:  not specified    
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 13.1.0 build 5 includes the initramfs both unzipped, and zipped (but
 unsigned) in runrd.zip. Similar story for the kernel.

 However, booting from the zip files isn't working - the kernel doesn't
 boot the initramfs.

 To test:
 false to require-signatures?
 " \boot" pn-buf place
 " int:" load-from-list

 The firmware does seem to find the initramfs ("RD found -"), but the
 kernel crashes early during boot.

 RAMDISK: gzip image found at block 0
 No filesystem could mount, tried: ...
 Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)

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