#12176 NORM Future : Improve XO-1 wireless power handling

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#12176: Improve XO-1 wireless power handling
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 Currently, the XO-1 wireless device remains powered even when the user
 disables it in Sugar/GNOME.

 The wireless device can be powered down with rfkill, but this isn't hooked
 up anywhere. And hooking it up to NetworkManager (e.g. #10575) is not as
 easy as it sounds, because NetworkManager has its own idea of what rfkill
 means and doesn't expect it to completely add/remove a device from the
 bus. (i.e. it doesn't let you enable wifi if it can't see any wireless
 devices on the system).

 The better option would be to adopt run-time power management to power
 down the device when the network interface is down, but the kernel would
 keep communicating that the device is there.  The USB layer already has
 this but last time I looked it wasn't clear how to implement this and if
 any stack-level work would be needed.

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