#12164 NORM 13.1.0: XO-4 os5 yum Invalid GPG Key

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#12164: XO-4 os5 yum Invalid GPG Key
           Reporter:  Quozl      |       Owner:  dsd          
               Type:  defect     |      Status:  new          
           Priority:  normal     |   Milestone:  13.1.0       
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Comment(by dsd):

 Shawn: not sure, interested in trying it out? I wonder if the following
 way would be a quick way to set up a softfp chroot:

 # yum install mock
 # /usr/bin/mock -r fedora-18-arm --init
 # /usr/bin/mock -r fedora-18-arm --install python
 # /usr/bin/mock -r fedora-18-arm --shell

 Going back to the problem in question, after some thinking I was reminded
 of #11763.

 So I made a new kernel with CONFIG_CPU_BPREDICT_DISABLE=y and now suddenly
 the test case and yum start working fine.

 So this may be another case of branch prediction screwing up execution
 flow. Or it could be another random obscuring effect similar to inserting
 a print statement...but with #11763 under our fingernails as well, I'm
 suspicious of the former.

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