#11741 NORM Not Tri: Audacity warns about available scratch space to work with

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Wed Mar 28 14:06:11 EDT 2012

#11741: Audacity warns about available scratch space to work with
 Reporter:  greenfeld      |                 Owner:  martin.langhoff
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 Audacity (a multi-track audio recorder/editor included in OLPC builds in
 GNOME) wants to use "/tmp/audacity-$username" as its temporary working
 area by default.

 But since this is on a 50 MB tmpfs filesystem, Audacity warns users when
 the application is first started that it might not have enough space to
 work with.  For trivial, short recordings the tmpfs probably is fine; but
 for longer & more complex edits Audacity definitely needs more space to
 work with.

 This can be worked around by either moving the default working area (safer
 for longer recordings), or clicking the GUI checkbox telling the warning
 message not to appear again.

 Seen in 11.3.1 & for a while now; I thought there was a ticket on this but
 I do not immediately see one.

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