#11680 HIGH xs-0.8: XS networking is not biosdevname aware

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#11680: XS networking is not biosdevname aware
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 The XS 0.7 network system in general is not biosdevname aware.

 This system (In RHEL 6.1 and higher, Fedora 15 & higher?) renames network
 interfaces to match their actual locations in a computer.

 When we locally installed an XS on a modern Dell server, the interfaces
 were named em{bedded}1 & em2 based on their location & identifiers on the
 back panel.  No 70-persistent-net.rules file was generated, although later
 unknown tweaks trying to force eth0/1 led to one being made because of a
 "custom name provided by external tool".

 There are at least a few options:
  1. Boot with "biosdevname=0" in the installer and the OS all of the time.
 In addition we could exclude the biosdevname RPM.
  2. Create a 99-rewriteeverything-back.rules file to set everything back
 to eth*.  One webpage suggests that both steps 1 & 2 are required to
 guarantee the old names with any sort of consistency.
  3. Ask the user when first setting up the network and changing interfaces
 for what interface(s) we should use, and use this information setting up
 the firewall, NAT, etc.  This would be a proper, forward-looking solution,
 but may take the most work.

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