#11963 NORM 12.1.0: totem browser plugin no longer usable

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#11963: totem browser plugin no longer usable
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Comment(by dsd):

 More on the <a> situation:
 Finding an upstream solution seems a bit unlikely - it looks like <a> is
 doomed to open stuff in webkits internal media player.

 For audio, thats fine, we just need to fix #11913 (easy).

 For video, the performance will be bad and the video will run at its real
 resolution (i.e. it will appear small), instead of filling the browser
 window as before.

 However, <embed> and <object> will still work as before, using the totem
 plugin, offering good performance. I think this is something we could
 document and accept.

 Also, there is a bug in WebKit which means that ogg video files get opened
 with the plugin (instead of internal media support). This actually means
 that the whole <a> discussion is moot, since we will open the media with a
 plugin. However, I guess this bug will be fixed soon, so we might only
 have this escape hatch for 12.1.0. Lets keep quiet about it anyway ;)

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