#11941 NORM Not Tri: Libertas hang on XO-1

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Fri Jun 22 15:14:29 EDT 2012

#11941: Libertas hang on XO-1
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Comment(by greenfeld):

 I saw another XO-1 (SHC93004B93) hang X Windows with os15.  It allowed me
 to go through the welcome activity and naming screens, but then only
 showed the activity wheel and not the main XO character icon when showing
 Sugar's main menu.

 A segfault in gstreamer's libgstclutter.so was seen in Sugar's shell.long,
 with datastore.log being the only other log file present.

 This is the second time I have seen such a failure.

 Looking today, this XO-1 also shows lo and eth1 as present, ifconfig hangs
 when used, and USB devices inserted are not recognized.  So the above
 might be an alternate sign of this failure.

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