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#11961: Remove MySqueak icon (12.1.0/F17)
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 As discussed in #9785 this is a Fedora issue. The latest report in Fedora
 was this:
 but it got closed as "won't fix", presumably because nobody submitted a

 IMHO for OLPC, just deleting the desktop entry is best. Maybe OLPC could
 also replace the Etoys icon with the one attached to #9785.

 The other solution (which Fedora might like better) would be to do what
 Debian/Ubuntu does - showing a list of installed Squeak images, and
 offering a file dialog to select one. In Ubuntu, Etoys can be launched via
 the Squeak icon, but it's not quite the same as when launched as Etoys
 (mainly, the default document directories are set differently).

 FWIW, the upstream Squeak VM sources do not contain a desktop entry. This
 is added by distros.

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