#12007 NORM Not Tri: gdb for ARM lacks NEON support

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Wed Jul 11 05:52:37 EDT 2012

#12007: gdb for ARM lacks NEON support
           Reporter:  greenfeld  |       Owner:  pbrobinson                       
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           Priority:  normal     |   Milestone:  Not Triaged                      
          Component:  distro     |     Version:  Development build as of this date
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        Next_action:  diagnose   |    Verified:  0                                
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Comment(by pbrobinson):

 What is the version of GDB that you're using?

 From reading the other ticket and the google groups thread presumably what
 we need here is VFPv3 support as the XO doesn't have NEON.

 The referenced commits in that thread date back to 2009. The build we have
 in Fedora ARM dates from 20120120 so all the needed bits should already be
 there for both NEON and VFPv3.

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