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#11600: Hang w. OS26
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 In upgrading laptops to use OS26, I had two laptops (ramp SKU203 and ramp
 SKU204) hang after the first boot to sugar.   Both laptops were running
 Q4D02 and os25.   They were fs-updated to os26.zd4, their TS tag changed
 to SHIP, and booted.   They were both given the name "test" and a color
 selected.  My next step is to select a wifi AP --- I believe I had done
 this on both laptops --- then return them to the sugar home screen.

 The next time I looked at them, the mouse was unresponsive.   There was
 also no response to the keyboard.   As aggressive suspend/resume is
 enabled on these laptops, I believe they were suspended and hung on resume
 when woken up.  The power LED is on.

 Connecting up a serial console, neither laptop responded to a BREAK BREAK

 After rebooting the laptops, I cannot reproduce the problem.
 Reinstalling OS26 on them doesn't reproduce it either.   I have been
 installing OS26 on a number of other laptops, and haven't seen a repeat.

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