#11599 LOW 3-softw: Requesting new TS mode: DEVL

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Mon Jan 30 23:26:24 EST 2012

#11599: Requesting new TS mode: DEVL
 Reporter:  wad                    |                 Owner:                                   
     Type:  enhancement            |                Status:  new                              
 Priority:  low                    |             Milestone:  3-software                       
Component:  manufacturing process  |               Version:  Development build as of this date
 Keywords:  runin, DEVL            |           Next_action:  code                             
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 We've been talking about extending the suite of runin tests to more
 clearly support system software debugging/development.  These are tests
 and test modes that we want to test (such as aggressive suspend/resume,
 OLS, soiled filesystems, etc.) which have to date been selected either by
 editing runin or (more recently --- Thanks, James!) by the existance of
 certain files as flags.

 I suggest a new TS manufacturing tag value, DEVL, which will cause runin
 to be run, but will automagically select the system exercise runin
 variant, not the hardware test runin variant.

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