#11588 HIGH 1.75-so: Make Wine work on XO-1.75

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#11588: Make Wine work on XO-1.75
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Comment(by godiard):

 Report about Wine activity integration:

 The old activity, showed a "Start" button with options to run programs,
 run from the journal,
 and execute the already installed applications.

 Wine does not include the fake "Start button", and the patches used in the
 old activity do not work with Wine > 1.2 (we are using 1.3.37)

 I have contacted the author of the patches (Vincent Povirk) and he
 confirmed it.


 * Use Wine in Gnome.

 * Create a python activity showing a menu and launch the installed
 applications or run new ones.
 I consider this a bad use of our time, but can be done if needed :/

 Tell me what you think.

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