#11641 LOW 11.3.1: yum upgrade fails on kernel rpm due to conflict over /boot/olpc.fth

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Thu Feb 16 11:35:10 EST 2012

#11641: yum upgrade fails on kernel rpm due to conflict over /boot/olpc.fth
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 Priority:  low              |             Milestone:  11.3.1       
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 "file /boot/olpc.fth from install of kernel-<...> conflicts"

 Given our current kernel rpm setup, kernels will conflict over
 /boot/olpc.fth . Using "rpm -Uvh new-kernel.rpm" literally upgrades the
 rpm package; yum however will install new kernel rpms in parallel,
 assuming that the rpms have no files in common.

 We only hit this when we change olpc.fth, because rpm has the strange
 property that two packages can own the same file, and only conflict over
 it if the file contents differ. We seldom change olpc.fth .

 One workaround is to run "rpm -U /var/cache/yum/<repo>/packages/new-
 kernel.rpm", then re-run yum update.

 Yum upgrades are not supported at this stage, so this is very low pri.

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