#11622 NORM Opportu: Implement text based HW test menu for XO-1

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Wed Feb 15 03:25:38 EST 2012

#11622: Implement text based HW test menu for XO-1
           Reporter:  reuben               |       Owner:  Quozl               
               Type:  enhancement          |      Status:  new                 
           Priority:  normal               |   Milestone:  Opportunity         
          Component:  ofw - open firmware  |     Version:  Development firmware
         Resolution:                       |    Keywords:                      
        Next_action:  test in build        |    Verified:  0                   
Deployment_affected:                       |   Blockedby:                      
           Blocking:  11423                |  
Changes (by Quozl):

  * next_action:  never set => test in build
  * version:  not specified => Development firmware
  * milestone:  => Opportunity


 The infrastructure for the GUI test menu fit fine, with all the icons
 changed to one that was already present.  Then I went looking for how to
 fit the XO-1.5 icons in, and found that my comment in #11423 was
 inaccurate.  They didn't fit because the memory allocated for them was too
 small.  After increasing the allocation. which was something that was done
 during XO-1.5 development, the icons fit fine.
 [http://tracker.coreboot.org/trac/openfirmware/changeset/2866 svn 2866].

 Please test
 http://dev.laptop.org/~quozl/q2f06ja.rom and get back to me.  Please do it
 soon, so that I don't forget what I've learned.

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