#11613 NORM 12.1.0: Font size mismatches in Office apps - Gnumeric, OpenOffice Calc

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#11613: Font size mismatches in Office apps - Gnumeric, OpenOffice Calc
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 We have cranked our gnome UI fonts to look nicer on our screen, but the
 default "document" font sizes in office apps look huge.

 This is specially visible in spreadsheet apps gnumeric and calc, because
 the toolkit widgets and "document" fonts interact at close quarters in the
 grid layout.

 The gnome font config has a "document font", but these apps ignore it,
 defaulting to 10px when all our desktop UI, and the app menus and widgets
 are using 7px fonts.

 Repro steps:

  * boot to gnome
  * open gnumeric
  * click on any cell in your new spreadsheet
  * enter a number or a word -- the font size does not match the rest of
 the app
  * press enter to complete the edit operation -- the font size does not
 match the rest of the app
  * observe the default font size in the toolbar options ("10" - px?

 Some bugfix ideas, in order of decreasing elegance...

  * Ensure the apps respect DPI settings via configuration or patch. We
 _are_ setting the DPI indirectly with DisplaySize in xorg.conf . We know
 many apps ignore itFix things indirectly with the DPI settings. grep DPI
 /var/log/Xorg.log shows it right at 96.
  * Pre-set app configuration to default to "zoom 75%", which scales down
 the document about the right amount.
  * Pre-set app configuration to use a smaller font, matching Gnome UI
 tweaks. This means documents created on the XO, that look normal on the
 XO, will have tiny fonts when shared to other computers. Documents from
 other computers will look out of proportion on XO.

 Interestingly, Gnumeric has preferences>window>screen>dpi, which shows the
 correct DPI. Both the correct default value (taken from X), and the user-
 set values I tried are studiously ignored :-/

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