#12062 NORM Not Tri: builds for XO-4 should include newer sd8787_uapsta.bin firmware

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Thu Aug 23 17:50:33 EDT 2012

#12062: builds for XO-4 should include newer sd8787_uapsta.bin firmware
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 I've noticed that builds already include


 but it is an old out-of-date version of the firmware.  This out-of-date
 firmware image is apparently being installed from a fedora package called
 "linux-firmware" (which I expect includes a lot of other irrelevant

 To support the sd8787 we need to include a newer version of
 sd8787_uapsta.bin in the build.   At the moment, the best choice of
 firmware can be found by doing a clone of


 and extracting mrvl/sd8787_uapsta.bin from there.   I've been doing my
 testing using the most recent version I found there, which is from Thu May
 10 19:00:56 2012 -0700 (git commit id
 7a28e074cbcc533a32136b68bb26ba95b82ec88d which has md5sum of
 bda543cb5943eac34e16d12911f3ee99 and claims to be firmware version
 14.66.9.p80 when loaded by the driver).

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