#12043 NORM Not Tri: 12.1.0 build 19 wedges on my XO-1.5

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#12043: 12.1.0 build 19 wedges on my XO-1.5
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Comment(by shep):

 Replying to [comment:3 dsd]:
 > Is this reproducible? If so, please post a second log capture.

 At the end of Wednesday we were thinking maybe this bug could only be
 demonstrated on one particular XO-1.5, but now I have managed to reproduce
 this bug on 3 different XO-1.5's, one D7 and two different D5's.  I have
 to run now, but I'll try to capture some more SysRq T's tomorrow.

 All of these hangs are with freshly installed 12.1.0 build 19.    I've
 never yet seen it hang on the first boot after installation (when it goes
 through the animation tutorial, etc).   But I have seen it hang on the
 second (and many more) boots.

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