#9913 NORM 12.1.0: sugar frame speaker icon does not reflect volume hot key usage

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Wed Apr 18 02:20:32 EDT 2012

#9913: sugar frame speaker icon does not reflect volume hot key usage
           Reporter:  Andy Pei  |       Owner:  sayamindu                         
               Type:  defect    |      Status:  assigned                          
           Priority:  normal    |   Milestone:  12.1.0                            
          Component:  sugar     |     Version:  1.5 Software Build os64 aka 10.1.0
         Resolution:            |    Keywords:                                    
        Next_action:  design    |    Verified:  0                                 
Deployment_affected:            |   Blockedby:                                    
           Blocking:  10229     |  

Comment(by Quozl):

 http://dev.laptop.org/~quozl/z/1SKO9d.txt is an example of a change toward
 the alternate solution of repeatedly updating the slider.  however, it
 does not function correctly; sound.get_volume() is not showing any change
 as a result of alsamixer or keyboard changes.

 i also found that the acme code has a four second timeout, after which it
 closes the alsa device.  if the palette is popdown, followed by a five
 second pause, followed by popup palette, then the displayed value is

 therefore i conclude that the alternate solution is impractical, and
 nd_mixer_poll_descriptors is the better solution.  unfortunately i don't
 know how to build the sugarext components for testing.

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